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Interior House Painting the Magic Bristles Way

Magic Bristles has been providing interior house painting services since 1990. We approach every job with professionalism and attention to detail from start to finish and our customer service is unmatched. Every job no matter how big or small is important to us and we do everything possible to protect your home and properly while we work and aside from the color and enhanced condition of your walls you will never know we were there.

Interior Protection

Drop cloth to protect floors and belongings
We go the extra mile to protect your flooring, furniture, and personal belongings. For example we cover all, furniture, floors etc with plastic and canvas tarps to keep out dust and any paint drips. This also ensures that our tools and equipment do not scratch your floors. All valuables are removed from the room and placed in other areas until that room is complete so you can be sure nothing will be accidentally broken.

Interior Preparation

Rooms 016
We do many types of preparation depending on each room's needs. The preparation process an application of methods and materials used are the most important part of a quality paint job. Some of the various preparations we make prior to painting the interior of your home include:

  • Wallpaper removal and restoration of cracks in plaster and sheetrock.
  • Removal of cracking tape and application of new tape.
  • Removal of bad sheetrock and replacement with new material that is blended in so it does not show after paint is applied.
  • Caulking of all seams and gaps around trim moldings, windows and doors to tighten up these areas so the paint cuts look tight from wall colors, ceilings and trim.
  • Skim coating, which is the application of compound known as mud. This is a process to cover walls and ceilings eliminating blemishes. For example, wallpaper may have been removed in the past and all the glue had not been removed before painting, or a large roller head may have left the surface looking like an orange peel. The skim coating process will have your surfaces looking like new.
  • Textured ceiling removal. Sand or popcorn ceilings that may have had water damage or have been repaired can be noticeable. We can remove the textured areas completely to the bare sheetrock to get it ready for paint.

Interior Paint

Benjamin Moore Paint
We want our work to stand the test of time that is why we use premium products, like Benjamin Moore paint, that are available in any color you can imagine. We offer a variety of finishes including semi gloss, flat, eggshell, high gloss, or satin. Each finish has a different sheen level that can be selected for each part of the house. Different finishes are chosen for a particular look, or for durability in high traffic areas. Also some act as a moisture barrier for bathrooms and are washable for kitchens, hallways, or play areas. These finishes allow hand oils, food prep debris, or crayon on a child's bedroom wall to be scrubbed off with ease.

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