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Deck Staining, Painting, and Restoration

deck restoration
There are a wide variety of paint and stain options to beautify and protect your deck from weathers elements. Protecting your deck from moisture, snow, mold, and the suns UV rays will allow you to enjoy your deck for many years.
Choose from colored deck paint or pigmented stain in, solid, semi-solid, or semi-transparent stains, oiled finishes for deep penetration and color uniformity, or a clear coat finish that maintains the original look in its natural state but delivers a strong moisture barrier keeping out water and melting snow that crack and degrade the wood.

The Deck Restoration Process

deck restoration
As with any application of a top coat or stain, surface preparation is critical and decks are no different. We start by pressure washing the surface to remove any mold, mildew, or debris. After we finish cleaning the deck surface we will inspect it for trouble areas such as wood rot, cracking, or fasteners such as nails and screws that are sitting above the surface. Once any problems have been addressed we will sand, seal, or prime the surface as required by the chosen surface finish and apply the paint, stain or sealer of choice.

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